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Administration is one of the key areas responsible for coordinating, managing, and supporting various operational aspects of Hicron.

Atlassian Consulting

The Atlassian team comprehensively supports our systems – Jira and Confluence, as well as our clients’ systems.

E-Commerce Consulting

The e-commerce team advises on digitizing sales processes.


The priority of the Finance team is to ensure the financial stability and efficiency of Hicron. We provide reliable data and reports that assist in making critical business decisions.

Hicron Software House

Hicron Software House solves complex business problems for clients by creating custom software solutions.


The IT team consists of highly qualified professionals who provide technical support and resolve issues related to IT infrastructure.


The Legal Team is a group of legal experts who deal with various legal and regulatory issues within the organization.


The mission of the Marketing team is to strengthen Hicron’s image as a true authority in the industry.

People & Culture

The People & Culture department, as the name suggests, focuses on employee management and fostering a strong, positive organizational culture.

Project Management Office

PMO, or Project Management Office, is a team of specialists who are passionate about professional project management, especially in the context of SAP systems.


The Sales Team at Hicron is responsible for identifying and engaging potential clients as well as promoting the company’s products and services.

SAP Application Management Services

The AMS team provides ongoing user support and SAP system maintenance for our clients.

SAP Consulting

The SAP Consulting team comprises specialists from various SAP modules who leverage their extensive knowledge and years of experience to transform clients’ business needs.

SAP Technology

The SAP Technology team is a group of SAP enthusiasts specializing in customizing modules of this powerful system to meet the individual needs of our clients.