Having the right specialists in the right place is the foundation of our success. Interested in joining us? We'll guide you on how to get started!



We understand that you may not like surprises and prefer knowing what to expect during your job search. At Hicron, we have a simple and systematic recruitment process, which we outline in the following steps.

Step 1

Analysis of CV
Don't hesitate and send us your CV! Our recruiters will review whether your application fits the profile we are looking for.

Step 2

A conversation with a recruiter
We will contact you and tell you about Hicron and the position you are interested in. We will also ask about your experience, motivation, and expectations. At this stage, we will assess your English language proficiency as well.

Step 3

Technical verification with an expert
You will be invited to an online meeting with a specialist in the area related to your application. The verifier will ask you technical questions. This is a great opportunity for you to inquire about Hicron's culture, atmosphere, or projects.

Step 4

Meeting with the Hiring Manager
At Hicron, relationships and the people we work with matter to us. Your future manager will inquire about your expectations regarding the job and the organization. If the meeting goes well, we'll give you a call with an offer!

Step 5

Welcome to Hicron!
We hope that we'll say Hi to each other @ Hicron! :)

People & Culture Team

Talent Acquisition Team - you're talking to us!

It's nice to meet you! We're the ones looking for talents for Hicron.

Do you have any questions? Write to us!

[email protected]

Estefania Rodriguez
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Anna Kałuża
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Dagmara Hałas
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Sylwia Kaiser
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Weronika Lichnowska
Talent Acquisition Team Leader

Do you have any questions? Write to us!

[email protected]